Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

It’s important to make a good impression when it comes to dating. Follow these pointers to put your best foot forward, you can check more points on FapGuy.

Presenting Yourself Well on a Big Date

As much as everyone likes to pride themselves on not being shallow and being open minded, the truth is that most of us are at least a little bit shallow. Whether we do it consciously or not, we do tend to judge people based on their appearance and the way that they carry themselves. That’s why, just like it’s important to present yourself well at job interviews, it’s equally important to present yourself well when out on the dating scene. Here’s a few key points to keep in mind.

Point #1: Dress for Your Body

Not everyone can have the supermodel physique that they dream of. Chances are you’ve got a few more pounds weighing you down than you’d ideally like. Maybe you even have a lot of extra weight you can’t seem to get rid of. That doesn’t have to a death sentence for your dating life, though!

Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

All you have to do is dress in a way that emphasizes your best features while masking your less desirable ones. This may seem deceptive, but it’s really just to ensure that you make a good first impression – once you’ve opened the door you can let your natural charms take over.

Point #2: Stay Engaged

There’s nothing that will kill attraction faster than when one party seems disinterested. When talking to a guy, make sure to actually invest in what he’s saying. Don’t lean back and scan the bar, don’t look at your phone – look at him and listen to what he’s saying. It’s a simple way give a guy a big self-esteem boost and when it comes right down to it, every man wants a woman who makes him feel important. This is an easy way of laying the groundwork for that.

Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

Point #3: Don’t Overdo It

While dressing your best and making yourself up well is important for making good first impressions, it is possible to overdo it, and that can be a big mistake. A lot of women go way overboard with things like makeup and glitter and end up looking like, well, strippers… or worse. A lot of men out there prefer a more natural look. Again, the key idea here to enhance your best features and some light makeup is perfect for doing just that.

Keep these points in mind when you go out dating and you’ll be surprised just how well they may pay off!

Why Does He Still Watch Porn?

Your Man is Watching Porn?  Enjoy it!

So you’re in a relationship with a man and you find out that he is still watching porn when he’s home alone.  You’re sex life is healthy and you‘re wondering why he still feels the need to watch.  Are you not good enough? Is he a pervert? What’s the deal?

For some, finding out that your man is watching porn feels like a blow below the belt.  (pun intended).  There is, however, nothing wrong with it.

  • It’s Not an Insult

Whatever you may be thinking in your head, don’t let it hurt your self-esteem.  He’s not watching it because you don’t satisfy him.  He’s watching it for one simple reason: it turns him on.


  • It’s Not Dirty, Wrong, or Disgusting

There is nothing wrong with watching porn.  Millions of people all over the world watch porn every day, and it is a huge, money-making industry.   Humans have basic instincts like all mammals do, and sex is one of them.  Feeling aroused is one of the best feelings for any animal, including humans.


  • Be Happy

If your man is involved in a healthy sex-life with you and still goes home to watch porn, he’s got a very healthy sex-drive.  This should be something to be excited about.


  • Try Something New

Some men watch porn because they like watching certain sexual acts that they are afraid to ask you to do with them.  Some men may never want to try them in real life, but it arouses him to watch.  Ask him about this.  If there is something he would like to try with you, let him know you are open to suggestions.


  • Get Involved

The porn industry is definitely driven by male customers.  However, don’t think there aren’t any women out there watching porn every day.  Porn can be just as arousing for women too.  Talk to your man about what kind of porn he enjoys watching.  Is it something you’d be interested in watching too?  Watching porn with your man can be a very erotic experience, and I can guarantee that you won’t be watching the end of the film.

Instead of getting upset because your man is watching porn, turn it into a new sexual experience.  You may be surprised at how much enjoyment you can get out of it as a couple, and you might even pick up a new trick or two!

Online Dating: Safety

Online Dating is Great.  Just be Safe about it.

When chat rooms were first introduced more than 10 years ago, there were a lot of people being dishonest about who they were online.  Although we have come a long way since then, there are still some things you need to know about dating safely online.  Follow these online dating safety Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience with online dating.

DO give out your phone number to someone you are interested in.

DON’T give out your home phone number.  This number can easily be traced back to your address, and you don’t want just anybody to have access to that.  You wouldn’t give your telephone number and home address to the guy in line behind you at the supermarket would you?

DO have your first meeting at a coffee house or other public venue.

DON’T accept your date’s offer to cook you dinner in his home on your first date.  While this is a very romantic notion, he is still a stranger.  Likewise, do not invite him to your house before you know him personally either.

DON’T accept your date’s offer to pick you up or drop you off at home.  Do not let him know where you live, until you know him well.

DO verify as much as you can about your match before meeting him.  In the age of the World Wide Web, it is a lot easier than you think.  If he claims that he works as the senior manager of a company, a simple Google search will confirm or deny that claim in minutes.  Look him up on Facebook and check out his profile before meeting him.  Make sure everything matches up.

DON’T add potential matches on Facebook before you meet them IF you are one of those people who posts very personal information on your Facebook page.  Keep your Facebook privacy settings at high, or limit what he can view.

DO ask to meet his friends early on.  It’s crazy, but some people make up a lot of interesting stories about themselves when they are behind the computer screen.  Hanging out with his friends will force him to be honest if he hasn’t been.

DON’T go on a weekend away with him until you’re really sure you know who he is, and that you can trust him.  Leaving the comforts of your city is a dangerous thing if you don’t know who you’re with.

I Want Out of My Affair

Know that Having an Affair is wrong? Get out!

Extramarital affairs will often happen gradually.  You (or He) may be looking for something a little extra – something to make yourself feel good.  The relationship you are in may be feeling stagnant.  The passion is dwindling, and you’re wondering what else is out there.  You may start flirting with other men to feel good about yourself – know that you’ve still got it.  Perhaps you take it a little further and go on a date, and then a few more.  Before you know it – you’re having an affair.

Now what?  You know that cheating isn’t the answer, but now you’re in a situation and you’re unsure of how to get out.    Having an affair will not save your relationship.  It’s time to get out, and here’s how:

  • It’s a Choice

If you want out of your affair – get out! Nobody is forcing you to see your new partner. The choice is yours – although it will be tough to distance yourself at first (it’s human nature) – only you have the power to end it.


  • It Will Only get Harder

The longer you wait to end the affair, the harder it is going to be.  The longer you keep it going, the more suspicious your spouse is going to become.  He will begin to notice you acting strange, and watch your every move; Distance himself from you.  As for your new partner – the longer you keep seeing them the more attached they will become, and the harder it will be for you to break away.  Get it done as soon as possible to create the least amount of damage to all parties.


  • Quit Being Selfish

Ending the affair means choosing between two partners.  This can be a very difficult task.  On one hand, it should be easy to leave your new partner – you are already settled with your spouse.  However, leaving the new partner also means you’re cutting out that new-found excitement that came with it.  Holding on to both is a very selfish act, and it’s not fair to either of your partners.  It is not fair to be cheating on your spouse in the first place, and your new partner is only getting a portion of the love you have to give.  Plus, being in a secret relationship is stressful for all parties involved.  You already know that cheating is not the answer.  It’s up to you to get out.

Dreaming of Sex – Is it Emotional Cheating?

He Dreams About Sex with Other Women.  Does He Want to Cheat on Me?

Your man has a lot of dreams about sex – and it’s not always you that he is having sex with.  It makes you uncomfortable, and you don’t know what to make of it.  Is it considered emotional cheating?  Does it mean he wants to cheat?  No.  But here’s why:

  1. He Can’t Control It

Perhaps he had a dream about having sex with his mom’s friend in a mechanics garage.   Dreams while you are asleep are far different from daydreams.  Dreams are a collaboration of all the things you saw, heard, talked about that day or the few days before.  There is no way to control what is going on in your dreams while you’re in a deep sleep.


  1. He Told You About It

The only way that you know he is dreaming about having sex with other people – is because he told you!  If he really wanted to cheat on you with his mom’s friend, he wouldn’t be telling you about it.  Any realistic urges to cheat would be fantasized in daydreams which you completely control (and don’t tell your partner about).


  1. It’s Not Really Her

You may feel uncomfortable because you feel like he has intimate details of his mom’s friend, and you feel as though he has cheated.  Have you ever tried to tell someone your dream?  You try to explain that you were in your house, which wasn’t really your house, but you knew it was your house – and your mom, who actually looked like your cousin when she was 5, but you knew it was your mom… I’ll stop.  You get the idea.  What I’m trying to say, is even though he had sex with his mom’s friend in his dream – she may have looked like a tree frog.  He’s likely never seen his mother’s friend naked, so he couldn’t have seen it in his dream either.  Don’t worry about it.


  1. Simply – It’s not Cheating

I am sorry if it bothers you knowing that he is having sex with women in his dreams.  He probably has a high libido (that’s good, right?) However, you can’t get mad at him for something that he has no control over. Would you get mad at your kids for having nightmares and waking you up in the night crying? It may feel weird for you, but having a sexy dream is nothing but fun.

I Always get Cheated On – What am I Doing Wrong?

Cheated on Again? Maybe You’re Asking for It.

Many women have been cheated on once.  Some women feel like they always get cheated on, and start to wonder ‘What am I doing wrong?’  When men cheat it doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong.  It usually means that the man is simply thinking with his second brain – the one not located in his skull.  Nobody can make a man a cheat except himself.  However, if you seem to have a track record of men cheating on you, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have a ‘Type’?

Take a good look at all the men that cheated on you.  Do they have similar personalities?  Are you attracted to the type of guy that craves attention?  Do you always feel the need to ‘get the guy’ that all the girls are swooning over?  Sometimes there are certain personality traits in a man that will attract you to him – but don’t necessarily mean he’s good for commitment.  Try to find the similarities in the guys that cheated on you, so you know what not to look for in the future.


  1. Do I Ignore Warning Signs?

Many times women will have a ‘feeling’ that something is not quite right.  Because they don’t want to seem paranoid or needy, they don’t look into the situation.  However, often your feelings are right.  Did you ignore any of these feelings in the past relationships where you were cheated on? If your boyfriend is not doing anything wrong, he shouldn’t have any problem answering your questions.


  1. Am I Too Forgiving?

Sometimes you really want a relationship to work – despite the signs that it’s not.  Does he come home late with no excuse?  Is his cell phone off when you’re expecting him to call? If you let small things like these go by the wayside, usually for fear it will end your relationship, you are giving him an easier playfield for cheating.  He knows that you won’t question him, which makes getting away to see the other woman a lot easier.

If you have a solid track record of being cheated on, it may just be bad luck.  However, you may be leading yourself into trouble starting with the guy you choose, and aiding him once you have him.  Do some inner reflection on the similarities in those relationships and start working out the kinks.