I Want Out of My Affair

Know that Having an Affair is wrong? Get out!

Extramarital affairs will often happen gradually.  You (or He) may be looking for something a little extra – something to make yourself feel good.  The relationship you are in may be feeling stagnant.  The passion is dwindling, and you’re wondering what else is out there.  You may start flirting with other men to feel good about yourself – know that you’ve still got it.  Perhaps you take it a little further and go on a date, and then a few more.  Before you know it – you’re having an affair.

Now what?  You know that cheating isn’t the answer, but now you’re in a situation and you’re unsure of how to get out.    Having an affair will not save your relationship.  It’s time to get out, and here’s how:

  • It’s a Choice

If you want out of your affair – get out! Nobody is forcing you to see your new partner. The choice is yours – although it will be tough to distance yourself at first (it’s human nature) – only you have the power to end it.


  • It Will Only get Harder

The longer you wait to end the affair, the harder it is going to be.  The longer you keep it going, the more suspicious your spouse is going to become.  He will begin to notice you acting strange, and watch your every move; Distance himself from you.  As for your new partner – the longer you keep seeing them the more attached they will become, and the harder it will be for you to break away.  Get it done as soon as possible to create the least amount of damage to all parties.


  • Quit Being Selfish

Ending the affair means choosing between two partners.  This can be a very difficult task.  On one hand, it should be easy to leave your new partner – you are already settled with your spouse.  However, leaving the new partner also means you’re cutting out that new-found excitement that came with it.  Holding on to both is a very selfish act, and it’s not fair to either of your partners.  It is not fair to be cheating on your spouse in the first place, and your new partner is only getting a portion of the love you have to give.  Plus, being in a secret relationship is stressful for all parties involved.  You already know that cheating is not the answer.  It’s up to you to get out.