Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

It’s important to make a good impression when it comes to dating. Follow these pointers to put your best foot forward, you can check more points on FapGuy.

Presenting Yourself Well on a Big Date

As much as everyone likes to pride themselves on not being shallow and being open minded, the truth is that most of us are at least a little bit shallow. Whether we do it consciously or not, we do tend to judge people based on their appearance and the way that they carry themselves. That’s why, just like it’s important to present yourself well at job interviews, it’s equally important to present yourself well when out on the dating scene. Here’s a few key points to keep in mind.

Point #1: Dress for Your Body

Not everyone can have the supermodel physique that they dream of. Chances are you’ve got a few more pounds weighing you down than you’d ideally like. Maybe you even have a lot of extra weight you can’t seem to get rid of. That doesn’t have to a death sentence for your dating life, though!

Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

All you have to do is dress in a way that emphasizes your best features while masking your less desirable ones. This may seem deceptive, but it’s really just to ensure that you make a good first impression – once you’ve opened the door you can let your natural charms take over.

Point #2: Stay Engaged

There’s nothing that will kill attraction faster than when one party seems disinterested. When talking to a guy, make sure to actually invest in what he’s saying. Don’t lean back and scan the bar, don’t look at your phone – look at him and listen to what he’s saying. It’s a simple way give a guy a big self-esteem boost and when it comes right down to it, every man wants a woman who makes him feel important. This is an easy way of laying the groundwork for that.

Dating Advice: The Importance of Presentation

Point #3: Don’t Overdo It

While dressing your best and making yourself up well is important for making good first impressions, it is possible to overdo it, and that can be a big mistake. A lot of women go way overboard with things like makeup and glitter and end up looking like, well, strippers… or worse. A lot of men out there prefer a more natural look. Again, the key idea here to enhance your best features and some light makeup is perfect for doing just that.

Keep these points in mind when you go out dating and you’ll be surprised just how well they may pay off!

Online Dating: Safety

Online Dating is Great.  Just be Safe about it.

When chat rooms were first introduced more than 10 years ago, there were a lot of people being dishonest about who they were online.  Although we have come a long way since then, there are still some things you need to know about dating safely online.  Follow these online dating safety Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience with online dating.

DO give out your phone number to someone you are interested in.

DON’T give out your home phone number.  This number can easily be traced back to your address, and you don’t want just anybody to have access to that.  You wouldn’t give your telephone number and home address to the guy in line behind you at the supermarket would you?

DO have your first meeting at a coffee house or other public venue.

DON’T accept your date’s offer to cook you dinner in his home on your first date.  While this is a very romantic notion, he is still a stranger.  Likewise, do not invite him to your house before you know him personally either.

DON’T accept your date’s offer to pick you up or drop you off at home.  Do not let him know where you live, until you know him well.

DO verify as much as you can about your match before meeting him.  In the age of the World Wide Web, it is a lot easier than you think.  If he claims that he works as the senior manager of a company, a simple Google search will confirm or deny that claim in minutes.  Look him up on Facebook and check out his profile before meeting him.  Make sure everything matches up.

DON’T add potential matches on Facebook before you meet them IF you are one of those people who posts very personal information on your Facebook page.  Keep your Facebook privacy settings at high, or limit what he can view.

DO ask to meet his friends early on.  It’s crazy, but some people make up a lot of interesting stories about themselves when they are behind the computer screen.  Hanging out with his friends will force him to be honest if he hasn’t been.

DON’T go on a weekend away with him until you’re really sure you know who he is, and that you can trust him.  Leaving the comforts of your city is a dangerous thing if you don’t know who you’re with.