Dreaming of Sex – Is it Emotional Cheating?

He Dreams About Sex with Other Women.  Does He Want to Cheat on Me?

Your man has a lot of dreams about sex – and it’s not always you that he is having sex with.  It makes you uncomfortable, and you don’t know what to make of it.  Is it considered emotional cheating?  Does it mean he wants to cheat?  No.  But here’s why:

  1. He Can’t Control It

Perhaps he had a dream about having sex with his mom’s friend in a mechanics garage.   Dreams while you are asleep are far different from daydreams.  Dreams are a collaboration of all the things you saw, heard, talked about that day or the few days before.  There is no way to control what is going on in your dreams while you’re in a deep sleep.


  1. He Told You About It

The only way that you know he is dreaming about having sex with other people – is because he told you!  If he really wanted to cheat on you with his mom’s friend, he wouldn’t be telling you about it.  Any realistic urges to cheat would be fantasized in daydreams which you completely control (and don’t tell your partner about).


  1. It’s Not Really Her

You may feel uncomfortable because you feel like he has intimate details of his mom’s friend, and you feel as though he has cheated.  Have you ever tried to tell someone your dream?  You try to explain that you were in your house, which wasn’t really your house, but you knew it was your house – and your mom, who actually looked like your cousin when she was 5, but you knew it was your mom… I’ll stop.  You get the idea.  What I’m trying to say, is even though he had sex with his mom’s friend in his dream – she may have looked like a tree frog.  He’s likely never seen his mother’s friend naked, so he couldn’t have seen it in his dream either.  Don’t worry about it.


  1. Simply – It’s not Cheating

I am sorry if it bothers you knowing that he is having sex with women in his dreams.  He probably has a high libido (that’s good, right?) However, you can’t get mad at him for something that he has no control over. Would you get mad at your kids for having nightmares and waking you up in the night crying? It may feel weird for you, but having a sexy dream is nothing but fun.

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