I Always get Cheated On – What am I Doing Wrong?

Cheated on Again? Maybe You’re Asking for It.

Many women have been cheated on once.  Some women feel like they always get cheated on, and start to wonder ‘What am I doing wrong?’  When men cheat it doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong.  It usually means that the man is simply thinking with his second brain – the one not located in his skull.  Nobody can make a man a cheat except himself.  However, if you seem to have a track record of men cheating on you, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have a ‘Type’?

Take a good look at all the men that cheated on you.  Do they have similar personalities?  Are you attracted to the type of guy that craves attention?  Do you always feel the need to ‘get the guy’ that all the girls are swooning over?  Sometimes there are certain personality traits in a man that will attract you to him – but don’t necessarily mean he’s good for commitment.  Try to find the similarities in the guys that cheated on you, so you know what not to look for in the future.


  1. Do I Ignore Warning Signs?

Many times women will have a ‘feeling’ that something is not quite right.  Because they don’t want to seem paranoid or needy, they don’t look into the situation.  However, often your feelings are right.  Did you ignore any of these feelings in the past relationships where you were cheated on? If your boyfriend is not doing anything wrong, he shouldn’t have any problem answering your questions.


  1. Am I Too Forgiving?

Sometimes you really want a relationship to work – despite the signs that it’s not.  Does he come home late with no excuse?  Is his cell phone off when you’re expecting him to call? If you let small things like these go by the wayside, usually for fear it will end your relationship, you are giving him an easier playfield for cheating.  He knows that you won’t question him, which makes getting away to see the other woman a lot easier.

If you have a solid track record of being cheated on, it may just be bad luck.  However, you may be leading yourself into trouble starting with the guy you choose, and aiding him once you have him.  Do some inner reflection on the similarities in those relationships and start working out the kinks.

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